Pinball is a Great American Pastime

This weekend all of us proud Americans celebrate our Independence Day. When people hear the term “American” they could think of any number of cultural references. Everything from blue jeans, to Hollywood, to Times Square, and great Silicon Valley success stories such as Apple and Google.

One great American cultural pastime that gets overlooked is Pinball. Since before pinball machines even had flippers, the world’s capital of pinball has been Chicago, Illinois. During the heydey of pinball, there were several different Chicago companies manufacturing thousands of machines every month. Today only one such Chicago company is left — Stern Pinball. Stern continues to crank a few new games per year and just released a sexy new Tron Legacy pinball machine.

Another exciting new company is now in the mix as well. Jersey Jack pinball, a new company in New Jersey, are releasing a Wizard of Oz pinball at the end of this year. They are the first new American pinball manufacturer to open shop in over a decade!

So this holiday weekend (before or after you head off to the beach) try to find a pinball machine to play. Engulf yourself in the sounds, the speed of the ball, the amazing physics of the game and the beautiful artwork. Then tip your hat to all of the hard working American men and women that put it together, piece-by-piece.

* Photo by Incase via Creative Commons license

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