My Long Friendship with Hubba Bubba is Over

I have been happily chewing Hubba Bubba since I was 11 years old. My mom would give me an entire pack of banana flavored Hubba Bubba on days when I was pitching for my baseball team. Chewing and blowing bubbles helped my focus and just made the game more fun. Hubba Bubba and I go way back..but no more.

The other day I was at a Quicky Mart that had flavor after flavor of Hubba Bubba.  I loaded up on it — cherry, a berry/watermelon hybrid (my kids love those funky flavors), and some good old regular pink bubble gum.

To my shock today, I noticed the ingredients label held an unexpected nasty surprise.

Sugar, corn starch, yada, yada…and there at the very end…Aspartame. I just could not believe it. Aspartame is even in sugared gum?

Aspartame is something that many of us avoid ingesting. Like MSG, it is an Excitotoxin. These compounds can cause everything from severe migraines to seizures and worse. Some folks are more sensitive than others. I am one of the sensitive ones. Personally it gives me a headache and I certainly do not want my children ingesting the stuff.

In our worries about obesity, we ingest something that potentially could be much more damaging. The scary part is you might not even realize that you are buying food with it half of the time.

I know to stay away from all of those sugarfree gums, they are mostly loaded in Aspartame. So I just automatically avoid those for good old-fashioned bubble gum. I always assumed that gums made with sugar would never have any of that inside.


Not to go Conspiracy Theories on you, but I sure find it absolutely odd that even regular old sugar-filled gums have this junk in it as well.

Careful chewing out there…remember Hubba Bubba is no longer your friend, well at least it no longer is mine. Over 30 years of friendship down the drain.

* Photo by P.E.N., via Creative Commons License.


  1. Looked through the entire shelf at my grocery store yesterday. Everything had aspartame except for one. Bubble Yum. Thank you Bubble Yum!

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