Conspiracy Theorists are Heroes

Here is an old story. Two best friends are out camping at night. They see something amazingly bizarre fly across the night sky. It is like nothing they have ever seen and is obviously an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). After a few quiet and nervous moments…the one friend turns to the other and says, “Do you believe what we just saw?” The other friend replies, “See what? I did not see anything.” My wife was worried when I told her I wanted to build an iPad app about Conspiracy Theories. “You are not going to put your name on it, are you?” she asked. She was seriously concerned about my well-being.

“You don’t really believe that stuff do you?”

In the months working on the project and in talking with friends about it, I have seen folks recoil when I bring it up. They are taken aback and I see a change in their look. Why has the topic become so polarizing? Why are Conspiracy Theories such dirty words?

I asked friends in a local forum for help with naming the app because “Conspiracy Theories for iPad” seemed a bit too bland. Don’t I need a clever name? Well of course the responses were not very friendly. Here are a few of them:

  • NutsoCronicles
  • WackJobsSpeak
  • CrackPotsTalker
  • Tinfoil App
  • They ARE Out to Get You

I do not think Conspiracy Theorists are “nutsos” wearing tinfoil hats. To me Conspiracy Theorists are heroes on some level. They are people brave enough to go against the common belief, which is becoming harder to do with 24 hour news channels operating in nearly every restaurant, bar, barber shop and shopping mall in the country.

Conspiracy Theorists have the guts to express their own doubts and disbeliefs — knowing it may result in name-calling, ridicule or worse.

So I have decided that despite the risks of people thinking I am nutty, the app is something I would publish (and take credit or blame for) out of sheer principle.Ā  I believe, as I hope you do, that it is important to share our own doubts, beliefs and dis-beliefs, to stick our necks out, and most of all to trust our instincts and believe what we see with our own eyes.

Conspiracy Theories for iPad is now available on the iTunes AppStoreĀ®.

* Photo by john_stephen_dwyer via Creative Commons license.

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